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20 Exciting Water Games for Kids to Stay Cool and Have Fun!

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1. Water Balloon Toss

Water balloons are a classic summer favorite. Fill them up, divide into pairs, and have kids toss them back and forth without letting them burst. Increase the distance between partners to up the challenge.

2. Sponge Relay Race

Set up a relay race with buckets of water and sponges. Kids have to soak their sponges in the bucket, then run to another bucket and squeeze out the water. The first team to fill their second bucket wins!

3. Slip ‘n Slide

A slip ‘n slide is a surefire way to beat the heat. Lay out a long sheet of plastic, add some soap and water, and watch the kids slide their way to coolness.

4. Duck, Duck, Splash!

A wet twist on the classic game of “Duck, Duck, Goose.” Have the person who’s “it” carry a cup of water and replace the “Goose” tap with a splash of water on the chosen player.

5. Water Gun Tag

In this game of tag, everyone gets a water gun. When you’re tagged with a stream of water, you’re out. The last dry person wins!

6. Water Limbo

Use a hose or sprinkler to create a stream of water for a classic game of limbo. How low can they go without getting wet?

7. Water Balloon Pinata

Hang water balloons from a tree or a sturdy rope. Blindfold the kids and let them take turns trying to burst the balloons with a stick. Guaranteed giggles and splashes!

8. Water Gun Painting

Fill water guns with watercolor paint and set up an easel with a large canvas or paper. Let the kids create masterpieces by squirting watercolor onto the canvas.

9. Floating Sponge Target

Place a hula hoop or a floating pool ring in the pool. Kids take turns tossing wet sponges into the target for points.

10. Water Balloon Spoon Race

Balance a water balloon on a spoon and have kids race to a finish line without dropping it. If the balloon falls, they have to start over!

11. Water Balloon Dodgeball

A wet and wild version of dodgeball! Divide into two teams, set up a boundary, and let the water balloons fly. If you’re hit, you’re out!

12. Water Bottle Bowling

Set up empty plastic bottles like bowling pins at one end of the yard. Use a water-soaked ball to knock them down. It’s like a mini water bowling alley!

13. Sprinkler Limbo

Set up a sprinkler in the yard and use it as a limbo stick. Kids take turns trying to limbo under the sprinkler stream without getting wet.

14. Water Balloon Hot Potato

Sit in a circle and pass a water balloon around while music plays. When the music stops, whoever is holding the balloon gets a refreshing surprise!

15. Water Balloon Spoon Race

Similar to the traditional egg-and-spoon race, but with water balloons on spoons. It’s a tricky challenge that adds an element of suspense.

16. Water Gun Freeze Dance

Play some music and have a dance-off. When the music stops, everyone must freeze, and the person with the water gun gets to “unfreeze” them by squirting water.

17. Beach Ball Race

Set up a kiddie pool or a designated area with shallow water. Kids have to push a beach ball from one end to the other using only their noses.

18. Drip, Drip, Dunk

A variation of “Duck, Duck, Goose.” The person who’s “it” carries a cup of water and replaces the “Goose” tap with a dunk over the head.

19. Water Balloon Piñata

Hang water balloons from a tree or a sturdy rope, and kids take turns trying to burst them blindfolded. It’s a splashing good time!

20. Water Balloon Baseball

Set up bases and play a game of baseball using water balloons instead of baseballs. Get ready for some wet and wild home runs!

Remember, safety first! Always supervise children during water play, and ensure they have appropriate swim gear and sunscreen. These 20 exciting water games are guaranteed to keep kids cool, active, and entertained during the scorching summer months. So, grab your swimsuits, water balloons, and water guns, and let the aquatic adventures begin!

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