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Whether you’re working on your masters or managing the art of home, kids and career-organization is the key to living stress free. That’s why a handbag that can hold everything you need while staying “mess” free is an absolute dream. Spacious, compartmentalized and timeless The Ivanka Trump #SohoTote is made for the modern woman.  As an advocate for#WomenWhoWork I was immensely honored when Ivanka Trump and the IvankaTrump.com team gifted me with the Soho Tote, filled with the teams favorite products! With a great new bag and products in tow, I was eager to get to testing!

Check out my Ivanka Trump #SohoTote favorites below:


#SohoTote: Style is thrown out the window when it comes to functionality in the work place, but the Soho Tote has modernized my outdated briefcase without sacrificing space and style! I can easily (and safely) store my electronics and daily necessities. All while the Soho Totes sleek structure makes the transition from day to night seamless! Not to mention the simple yet classic structure of the Soho Tote adds an elegant flair.11.16_soho_sweeps_ringly

#Ringly: The Stargaze Black Onyx by Ringly came as my un-known must have. This stylish ring is more than a fun way to spice up your ensemble, it’s the easiest (and chicest) way to receive notifications from your phone throughout the day! With a simple vibration, the ring allows me to know if I’m getting a text, call or email during the day. It also offers a light system, so I can program my ring to show different colors and vibration for specific individuals in my contacts; creating the perfect polite way to handle emergencies while in a meeting.

#PolaroidPrinter: The Fuji Film Polaroid Printer  lets you snap & go! The wireless printer connects to your cell phone making all of your cell phone photos available to 11.16_soho_sweeps_tech_sleeveprint as a Polaroid!

#RioTechSleeve: The Ivanka Trump Rio Tech Sleeve comes ready for a day of work and play! The charging station fits perfectly while you nestle away all of your wallet must haves, and the metal exterior glams-up your Soho Tote or evening wear!

#TataHarper: Sometimes in life and business you’re faced with days that just aren’t as sunny as others. On those days it’s good to take a moment (if you can) and breath, but for the days you just can’t the Tata Harper Aromatic Stress Treatment is the perfect way to let the zen in..


Thank you Ivanka Trump & IvankaTrump.com Team for this phenomenal surprise! xo-Kristan

“Sometimes you have the smallest role in the smallest production and still have a big impact.”-Neil Patrick Harris 

Images Courtesy Of: IvankaTrump.com 

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