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It’s no secret that Oahu is by far the most visited island of the beautiful Hawaiian Isles. It boasts the city life in Waikiki, the quaint little town feel in Haleiwa, and the Jurassic Park jungle scenery in Kailua. And how could I forget the beaches and history?! While many places and spaces have been taken over by tourists of the world, there still remains a number of unforgettable must sees and do’s. Whether you prefer to eat, shop or swim your way through Oahu, it is well worth the time and calories!

imagesSurfers Coffee Bar- Are you picturing a Starbucks copycat? DON’T! Surfers Coffee Bar is located on the main street in Wahiawa, mainly a town of passerby’s on the way to North Shore. It’s a shame, because they are missing out on true character! This eclectic coffee shop is a non profit secret liquid gold spot you wouldn’t want to miss out on. With a mixture of tables and vintage furniture, this is the home of Friday night local concerts. I’m not sure which has the most character, either the chai latte or the wonderful people that make said drink. And not only are the drinks fabulous, so are the mugs!



682bf820adff485be29aeb07d27a3579My Cafe- It has been my mission to visit as many breakfast spots possible. The count is somewhat short still, because I find myself wanting to frequent the same spot. Oops! My Cafe happens to be one of those repeated spots. You can find this small breakfast/lunch spot snuggled between a Jamba Juice and Starbucks in Kapolei. It looks like nothing special on the outside, but don’t let that fool you. This place is so popular on the weekend, people are willing to wait for almost an hour outside for the delectable eggs benedict, colorful pancake flight and their other mouth watering options. It’s also hard to not notice their coffee mug collection. Each customer who orders coffee gets a mug that you would pull out of your own collection. I almost asked if I could keep mine, but refrained!


91c3b78f0bfc72b0101e75ebc12615dcManana Trail- If you plan on conquering this hike, be sure you are somewhat in shape and have transportation. The location of this hiking trail could throw any tourist off. The entrance (if you want to call it that) is smack dab in the middle of a cul de sac in Aiea. The steep hike will make you wish you hadn’t started, until you hear the sounds of the waterfall. For those who have no fear will find themselves jumping off a cliff into the crisp cold water. Until you remember the long trek back up the hill, the picturesque site will distract you from all worries of the world. Don’t forget to stretch after this one, unless you like sore glutes! You’ll thank me for this tip.


49780661Waimanalo Beach- Smooth sand and blue waters. Is that enough to entice you? This vibrant colored beach is a very family friendly location where one can just relax for hours or have a picnic. This beach often shows up on feeds for Hawaii’s best beaches, however, it is not as touristy as one would think. It is often overlooked because of other beaches with more popular fan bases. When on this beach looking left or right, all that is visible is ocean, sand and mountains. When people think of Hawaii, THIS is it!


4153965231_2eeaff4b28Turtle Bay Resort- If you are looking to stay away from the hustle and bustle of Honolulu, this is your spot! Located in Kahuku (North Shore), this picturesque resort boasts not only ocean view rooms, but also a slower pace of life compared to the city and tourism. The true definition of relaxation comes from this place. When I say this resort offers EVERYTHING, I am not kidding! Whether you choose to view the beach from the resort, or you decide to drive along the coast, you will not be disappointed with your stay.





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