5 Ways to Wake Up Early


New Year’s resolutions aside, the continuous goal in life is to be an early riser. You know, the person who wakes up around 5:00am, goes for a run and then enjoys a cup of coffee with their significant other before jumping into the shower and gets to the office early? Yes, we at #MEL have thought this one out-thoroughly.

5 ways to wake up earlyIf you’re on the quest to become an early riser check out #MEL 5 ways to wake up early:

DISCONNECT: Whether it’s our cell phone or iPad we’re always locked into something. Put your electronics away ten minutes before you head to bed and let your mind wind down.

ALARM: Set up a REAL alarm clock and place it away from your bed. This way you have to physically get out of bed to shut it off. Plus, hitting the snooze 100 times before rolling yourself out at the last possible minute isn’t a good look anymore.

OPEN UP: Open your curtains as soon as you turn off your alarm. The natural light will tell your brain “it’s time to wake up”.

SCHEDULE: Get yourself into a bedtime routine and stick to it. Every night at X time begin your nightly duties and then hit the sheets.

CORDIAL: Although the evening may end with a glass of wine (or two) try to not over drink. Although it may make you go to bed faster, it actually disrupts your natural sleep pattern.


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