HOW TO: Host a Formal Dinner Party


dae57c17ed344d275302987f5320bfa3Creating a formal dinner setting is more complex than one would think. And depending on the guest list, there may or may not be room for error.This is why it’s imperative to know the proper design for the occasion. See our top 5 steps to hosting an elegant evening.

Glasses: The table should be prepared for all glasses potentially needed for the meal (excluding dessert).  The water glass should lead the group with red wine, white wine and champagne flute (not pictured) to follow on the top right.  A cup and saucer should be placed directly to the right of the soup spoon. how-to-set-a-formal-table1

Silverware: Whether or not it will be used, the rule of thumb is to have it on the table. Silverware is to be used from the outside in, excluding dessert silverware. These are to be placed above the service plate and any spoon (not used) for desserts should always be placed to the right of the dinner knife (like a soup spoon or teaspoon).

Dessert: Prior to serving dessert the table should be cleared of all flatware, except dessert-wine glasses. Depending on your planning, you can leave the bread plate on the table unless dessert is being served pre-sliced.

Centerpiece: Arrangements / centerpieces should never block the view of your guest, creating a barrier for conversation.When designing your dream centerpiece “keep it simple, but significant.”

Place Setting: Place settings vary on location; some prefer the top left of the table and others choose on top of the salad plate. However, no matter where you choose, we recommend using large letters and distinct colors, so your guest can easily find their seat.

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