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The word “success” is used and abused so much so, it’s beginning to take away the value.  Whether it’s a book or an energy boosting supplement, I constantly come across some forum advertising the “key to success”.Companies continue to market items as a miraculous advantage to change your current professional situation. However, every successful individual I know, meet or follow has a different, yet similar composition of success-that didn’t come from a miraculous product. The below rudiments were pulled from my study on several entrepreneurs (some with and some without a college degree).

All are far above my intellect and professional stature, but  never once made me feel as such. I truly hope you enjoy! success

Team Player:True success does not come from one person; it comes from one person who aligns and develops a group of like-minded individuals into a TEAM.

Passion Driven:No matter how educate you are, without passion success normally does not follow. For some, inner passion is found at an early age and for others not so much. However, the encouragement to find passion is highly recommended in the realm of the successful. When you are passionate about your work, you will always succeed. But, this is not to undermine the structure and value a good education brings.

Good Listener: When you think of a great leader, you automatically compare them to a person of immense strength and enthusiasm. Yet, a truly successful person calmly and quietly listens and asses issues; prior to relinquishing their leadership strengths. This gives them ample time to understand the moment and act in ordinance.

Private Person:In a world filled with consistent updates on personal life traumas and victories, a successful person appreciates the calm of privacy. Although they share bits and pieces of their life, as we all enjoy it :), rarely do you see the core details of their daily living.

Type-A:Statistically, Type-A personalities are very self critical and competitive by nature.  With the  constant desire to create and dominate goals, while having a constant mindset of urgency- there’s no question why the Type-A individuals prevail.

 “If you’re going to dream, you might as well dream big”


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