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Like most, I’ve had my fair share of run-ins with people who are beyond great. Whether they were a corporate giant or a TV legunnamed-9end, being in the presence of greatness was far beyond little ole me.  However, when I stopped counting accolades I realized we  can all relate. So, instead of beating myself up I decided to bring myself up!

Here are  my top 5 self confidence reminders.

1. The Starting Line:

When you’re around someone you admire, it’s easy to feel down on yourself. Don’t. No matter who they are or what they do, everyone had to work their way up. Respect the journey they’ve completed and remember you’re working on your own.

2. Be You:confidence is key

It’s easy to become someone you’re not when you’re around people you admire, but don’t. Always stay true to yourself and your values. People always respond to authenticity.

3. The Mirror Effect:

We tend to admire people who are a more successful version of “us”. However, instead of walking in their path find something special within you and let that lead.

4.  Muse Motivation:

Many days I’ve woken up with NO motivation, but  while scrolling through social media I found my muse up and  at it. Turning my laziness into productiveness. HAVE A MUSE to keep you motivated.

5. A New Door:

New doors open all the time, but we have to believe in ourselves to walk through them. Taking a risk is the best way to build your confidence, because even if you fail…you made a move.

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