what to get your co worker for Christmas

The holidays are approaching quickly and that can only mean one thing: Office holiday parties. Whether it’s sneaky Santa or a gift for the team, it can be a real struggle trying to decide what to get your 9-5 friends. But an even bigger struggle trying to stay on budget.

Here are my top 5 cheap and chic gifts for your oh-so-special office team.

  what to get my co-workers for Christmas

1. Little Jar of Happiness: Admit it: Work is stressful. This “Little Jar of Happiness” is the perfect pick me up for those rainy days. All you need is a cute jar and paper strips.  Fill the jar with positive quotes or compliments about your co-worker, add a little glitter & your done!


what to get your co worker for Christmas

2. Fuzzy Slippers: For women, wearing heels during the day not only gets uncomfortable, but can leave you with cold toes.  A cute pair of fuzzy slippers are a perfect under the desk secret she will love.



3. Sweet Treats: I think it’s safe to say everyone enjoys baked goods. Whether it’s a family recipe or a Pinterest find, sharing a sugary treat with recipe is a personalized gift that keeps on giving.


what to get your co workers for Christmas

4. Stuffed Stocking: This holiday classic, a stuffed stocking is a great way to indulge your co-worker for less. Fill the bottom of the stocking with tissue paper then add Chapstick, gum, fingernail clippers, a cute pair of socks and your co-workers favorite candy. Simple, easy, and everything can be purchased a your local pharmacy.

5.  FEED Friendship Pouch:


                                       Purchase Me

While we all enjoy the entertaining gift exchange and lavish holiday meal, not everyone in our community and world has the same opportunity. Therefore, this holiday lets all remember to help those who cannot help themselves. A great way is through the FEED organizations. “FEED’s mission is to create good products that help FEED the world. We do this through the sale of FEED bags, accessories, and apparel by building a set donation into the cost of each product. Thus the impact of each product, signified by a stenciled number, is understandable, tangible, and meaningful.”

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